To the editor:

Six years ago this month we were confronted with a life changing experience so unfathomable yet so devastatingly permanent. We lost our beautiful, 25-year-old daughter to a heroin/fentanyl overdose.

This terminal grief eventually turned positive through our nonprofit, Angels of Addictions, which creates bright, colorful, smiling portraits of souls lost to this insidious disease. Families from across our New Hampshire as well as our country will have a lasting image of their loved one -- an image which will endure and help with their grief.

Former Vice President Joe Biden's plan to combat this opioid crisis will also endure because it is an intelligent approach. He views addiction as a community issue, which includes prevention, education, recovery, support, mental health awareness, legal reform and connection.

Just as we have become strong through our loss, he has become "Biden Strong." He knows our pain and anguish. He has walked in our shoes. He empathizes. He truly understands.

Where is the outrage? Biden knows and he will take action

Anne Marie and James Zanfagna


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