To the editor:

I'm sorry to have to disagree with William Klessens' recent letter, but the Biden administration's start was anything but reassuring.

In his inaugural Speech, President Joe Biden promised to bring the country together. But as soon as he entered the Oval Office, he showed his stripes. Rather than work with both sides of the aisle in Congress to pass common-ground bills, Biden circumvented them, issuing 24 executive orders in seven days, including some that will be very damaging to our economy.

By contrast, President Donald Trump issued only four executive orders during his first week in office.

Biden rejoined the Paris Climate Treaty (the United Nations calls it that) without submitting it to the Senate for ratification, as required by the Constitution, and without demanding that the largest CO2 emitter, China, do anything.

He killed thousands of jobs by stopping the laying of the Keystone XL pipeline.

He rejoined the World Health Organization without demanding accountability for its part in China's early cover-up of the transmissibility of COVID-19.

He stopped work on the border wall, which has dramatically cut illegal crossings, prompting thousands of Central Americans to start heading toward our southern border.

He tried to stop all deportations of illegal immigrants (not just children), but fortunately a U.S. District Court judge has temporarily prevented that madness from happening.

And, finally, he refused to use his position as head of the Democratic Party to tell House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to halt her unconstitutional impeachment of private citizen Donald Trump, ensuring a wasteful and divisive Senate trial.

So much for unifying the country.

Daniel Murphy

North Andover

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