To the editor:

Our New Hampshire legislators promised to not raise taxes, but the state budget is wasting our tax dollars, and costs will be downshifted to our property taxes.

They are throwing bills into the budget that are too unpopular to pass on their own but will cost us plenty.

The “divisive concepts” language is sure to be challenged in court and will lose. The amended language says it’s ok to talk about those “divisive concepts” in a historical context in schools or state-backed workplace training, just not in the present, as if we don’t have white supremacy or other hate groups in New Hampshire now.

What does the 24-week abortion ban have to do with the budget? There are many tragic reasons why someone would have an abortion after 24 weeks, and it is not your business or mine, and certainly not the state’s business. The potential for felony charges for doctors will drive doctors out of New Hampshire and drive up medical costs.

The voucher bill is also too controversial to pass on its own. It is a huge giveaway of tax dollars with very poor oversight or accountability.

No one knows just how much the voucher program will cost because it has not gone through the financial analysis is should, but it will clearly bust our budget as well as hurt our public schools.

They know it would never pass if the true costs are examined.

We deserve better from our state

Beth Nelson


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