To the editor:

I read Bill Burt's column on Bill Buckner, and as someone who sat in my living room and watched Game 6 of the 1986 series in its entirety, it was so sad to reminisce.

It's a shame that Buckner is remembered as the goat. No doubt his error ended that game, but it didn’t end the series. After all, there was a Game 7 played several days later, due to rain.

And in that Game 6 — prior to Buckner's error — you had Roger Clemens leaving the game due to a blister, manager John McNamara for some reason not replacing Buckner with Dave Stapleton, a defensive specialist, in the last inning, as he had done so many times during the season.

You had pitcher Bob Stanley and catcher Rich Gedman combining for a wild pitch/passed ball that allowed the tying run to score and finally closer Calvin Schiraldi, who looked like he wanted to be anywhere but on that mound at that moment in time, not being able to record the final out.

But "Billy Buck" took the brunt of it, and so unfairly.

We all knew his obituary would lead with "the error,” though not this early. He was a very good major league ballplayer for many years, and that's how I will choose to remember him.

RIP, Billy Buck.

Mark Kislowski