To the editor:

The coronavirus outbreak has panicked people into hoarding food, paper products and sanitizing compounds. Consumers across the country are conducting binge purchases of these products, and most supermarkets are reporting bare shelves and difficulty in restocking them.

The binging activity is very un-American.

There is no need for people to be stocking up on food and other supplies that will last for a year or more.

It is reported consumers are purchasing large quantities of toilet paper. Maybe they should be eating less so they can cut ultimately use less.

My wife and I shopped twice last week, and we went through the express line for 12 items or less both times, which is typical food shopping for us.

It is reported that some people have been receiving their paychecks and going to supermarkets to shop for food, but they find empty shelves.

Supermarkets should limit purchases of some items so there will be enough to go around. As a country we have to provide much better consideration for our fellow Americans.

Everyone should be able to provide food and other essentials to their families.

Donald Moskowitz


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