To the editor:

The position of county attorney is often overlooked, but it is an important one.

The county attorney is the lead prosecutor for almost all felony cases that occur in this county. Think about that. It is reason enough that we should all be familiar with the position.

Steve Briden is an experienced prosecutor running on a platform of modernizing our criminal justice system. He knows what it takes to win cases, and he has a history of developing strong working relationships with both police departments and defense attorneys.

I think we can all agree that change is seldom easy. Briden is committed to promoting positive changes in our criminal justice system. He believes that we should follow the research and data that show that we too often rely on incarceration as the only resolution to criminal behavior.

Individuals who struggle with substance misuse and mental health issues should be directed toward treatment and rehabilitation programs, as opposed to being housed at jails that cannot meet their needs.

We need leaders that are willing to tackle difficult issues and willing to be transparent with all of their constituents. The way to make meaningful change in the criminal justice system is to change the county attorney.

Please join me in supporting Steve Briden for Rockingham county attorney.

Jan Jacome


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