To the editor:

With our country nearly going to war with Iran, it has become more important than ever that the Democratic nominee be someone with a deep understanding of foreign policy.

Not only is this important for taking on President Trump and winning, it’s important for the safety and security of our military, our democracy and our country.

Of the current Democratic field, Pete Buttigieg has the most impressive foreign policy experience.

Buttigieg is the only major candidate to have served our country in the military; he took a leave of absence during his time as mayor to serve as an intelligence officer in Afghanistan.

He knows firsthand what it means to put one’s life on the line and risk everything for our country, and he would bring that unique perspective with him to the White House.

Buttigieg’s experience allows him to appreciate how serious it is to deploy troops. It isn’t just an idea to him: he lived it.

I trust that he is prepared to make serious, game time decisions with regards to our military. He’s done it before — on the ground in Afghanistan — and he recognizes how these choices can impact the lives of our troops and all Americans at home.

I firmly believe Buttigieg has the strong military service and foreign policy background necessary to be our commander in chief.

America needs him to heal our foreign relations and keep our country and our troops safe.

Thomas Pauli


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