To the editor:

Two newspaper headlines recently caught my eye in The Eagle-Tribune. The first reports incidents of bullying in schools are declining. That is a very good thing.

The second article, however, outlined something quite different. “The president … denigrated a majority black district represented by a congressional nemesis as ‘a disgusting rat and rodent-infested mess.’”

Yet another headline in which President Donald Trump lashes out angrily.

Does anyone else see the ironic juxtaposition of these two reports? There are many voters that will applaud Trump’s actions as forceful assertions, or that he is “speaking his mind.”

This man has used his Twitter account to belittle and to name call. He even mocked a person, yet again, at a rally in New Hampshire, denigrating someone he didn’t realize was a supporter.

This isn’t “plain speaking,” it’s hurtful bullying at its lowest level.

We jump on others, particularly public servants, and rightfully so, for their inappropriate, insensitive comments, yet somehow our nation’s commander in chief gets away with it.

Bullying is a pattern of behaviors, physical or psychological, designed to abuse, threaten, or intimidate.

Are we even going in the right direction in terms of civility? We’ve told the schools how to correct the problem. Are we adults taking our own advice?

If, as the president and his followers claim, he’s not getting the respect he deserves, he needs to take a vastly different approach.

Tom Walters


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