To the editor:

As a libertarian, I applaud the scrutiny of Immigration and Customs Enforcement abusing facial recognition technology, as highlighted in the recent guest editorial from the Mankato (Minn.) Free Press in the Sunday Eagle-Tribune.

However, I’d applaud it more were it part of a broad criticism of government abuses of privacy instead of part of the targeted singling out of ICE and Customs and Border Protection as mechanisms of border enforcement, which is now out of fashion on the American left.

Where are the stories about Lois Lerner’s Internal Revenue Service, which selectively suppressed political committees based upon their privileged data, provided to the IRS in confidence that it would not be abused in that manner, and then destroyed evidence before taking the fifth and retiring on a full pension to Long Island?

Or about Hillary Clinton, who passed classified State Department documents to convicted sex offender Anthony Weiner’s computer and also destroyed a private server full of classified evidence before any investigation could conclude?

Or how about the farce that is the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance court, meant to protect regular citizens and presidential candidates from having their privacy unduly and unconstitutionally violated by our intelligence organizations?

Or all of the warrantless wiretappings and use of cell phone signal stealing technology under “9/11 powers”?

Or using license plate data for uses beyond statutory powers, as is becoming a running occurrence wherever license plate technology is employed?

Abuses of our privacy are wide and well worn by our local, state and federal governments. Classic liberals would be more credible were they to join me in calling attention to and decrying all of them, be they from the left, right or center of the American political spectrum.

Nick McNulty


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