To the editor:

With the advent of internet shopping and more importantly, Amazon, consumers are buying solely based on price and price alone. This is not sustainable, as buying on price only lessens the importance of quality and value.

This is also permeating other facets of modern life, and it's not a good thing.

While it is funny to joke about products made in China, this is something consumers have asked for repeatedly. We want it cheap, guaranteed for life and shipped free, too.

Corporations responded and moved jobs out of the U.S to countries with cheaper labor.

If everything in commerce is low-bidder-only, there can be no value or worth in the people who make these products, sell them and ship them.

This is unfortunately crossing over into the American workplace as well.

Salaries are not keeping pace with inflation or the cost of living. Not even close. This was not as much of a problem years ago but it most certainly is a problem now.

But, hey, we want cheap, cheap, cheap, right? So that means you too, on the other side of that interview desk. We want you for next-to-nothing as well.

I urge everyone to gravely beware of what I call "Amazon-itis" and its far-reaching

implications. If price is the only motivator, then the only direction we can go is


When it comes to wanting it cheap, be careful what you wish for. Cheap is not always cheaper.

Jim Maz

Salem, N.H.

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