To the editor:

Communist China has a history of experimenting with contagious viruses.

In 2013, scientists at the Harbin China Veterinary Research Institute produced a new virus by combining the H5N1 bird flu with a 2009 H1N1 swine flu, and the resultant virus was highly contagious among humans.

In 2019, a virology laboratory in Wuhan, China, was experimenting with coronavirus in bats. U.S. scientists and intelligence officials said COVID-19 was not manmade or engineered in a laboratory, but they are investigating the COVID-19 source to be bats.

The COVIID-19 pandemic throughout the world has caused over 370,000 deaths with an adverse economic impact of $3 to $5 trillion. China should pay reparations to the world for the economic damage it has caused.

The value on human life is difficult to quantify, but China should have to compensate relatives of deceased people.

We must punish China to ensure countries with research laboratories have strong safety and security procedures to prevent viral infestations.

Also, China covered up the outbreak and hoarded personal protective equipment. We must bring back manufacturing to the United States.

Donald Moskowitz


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