To the editor:

New Hampshire has a unique form of government. We have the Executive Council, which is a five-member committee with extraordinary powers. This council is a true check and balance on the governor’s administrative powers. No other state has this. The council must approve all state contracts above $10,000. It must confirm all nominees to state courts, including the state Supreme Court. It must confirm appointments to heads of state agencies like the Department of Education.

We the people elect the members of the Executive Council. They are not appointed by the governor or the Legislature. They are on our ballots this November. It is crucial to vote for them.

The state of New Hampshire is divided into five Executive Council districts, each containing one fifth of the population. District 3 covers Rockingham County and there is an outstanding candidate running for that seat. Her name is Katherine Harake. She grew up in Hampton and is currently their budget committee chair.

Ms. Harake has an extensive background in business and financial management, which qualifies her well for the financial responsibilities of the Executive Council. She will not be a rubber-stamp councilor. Please vote for Katherine Harake and bring true checks and balances to New Hampshire government.

David Breault

Salem, N.H.

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