To the editor:

Nov. 3 was finally upon us and the American people voted. This was a big day, with many on both sides making big statements and big promises. They talked of "getting through this together" and "how this time will be different."

That's great but we get this same song and dance every time.

At a time when many Americans are out of work (and will be for some time due to the pandemic), our leaders have dragged their feet continually in getting a much needed stimulus plan together and passed. This is despicable and shameful.

Imagine that, our rich, well-to-do Congress (and Federal Reserve) decided that those suffering could wait. They're sorry -- well, not sorry.

So much for "getting through this together."

I have not heard one candidate, either incumbent or otherwise, offer to go without pay to show solidarity and some compassion. Not one.

The TV ads all have the same delivery: "Hey voter, don't forget to show up, vote for me and scram."

Sounds like more of the same to me.

This tired old system brought us to an election where there were no good choices. People were forced to decide which choice would cause the least amount pain. That's a terrible way to choose any candidate.

But here we were, a captive audience to a two-party (really one party) system offering no real choices and only guarantees of more of the same going forward.

But this time will be different, right?

Jim Maz

Salem, N.H.

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