To the editor:

In a recent Sound Off section of the Eagle-Tribune, the contributor of an item, “Missed Points,” like so many of President Trump’s supporters, disregarded the economic facts from the U.S. Congressional Budget Office that I cited so as to dispute, in typical fashion, that the economy has prospered far more under Democratic Party presidents than under Republican Party presidents and that it has been Republican presidents, not Democratic ones, behind a mountain of debt that has run up since President Clinton handed off a vibrant economy with budget surpluses to President George W. Bush.

So here are a few more facts to share with readers, not the Fantasyland fictions that President Trump and his supporters constantly spout in their fact-free universe:

“Missed points” claims that President Bill Clinton’s very strong economic results somehow “benefitted from the efforts of President George H.W. Bush and a technology explosion." Not true by any measure.

The Clinton administration had 275% more patent applications, the best measure of aggregate technology innovation, than technology patents applied for during the preceding Bush presidency. Numerous other metrics available from the National Venture Capital Association also show far more technology innovation going on during the Clinton presidency that during the Bush presidency.

As far as comparing economic results between Presidents Trump and Obama, during each of their first two years in office, the S&P 500, considered one of the best measures of economic growth, grew 58% during Obama’s first two years but only 10% during Trump’s. That’s an almost six-fold betterment by President Obama than what we’ve seen under Trump.

So much for that alternate universe fiction.

There are numerous other hand-wavings in that fact-free Sound Off — too many to respond to in a single letter to the editor.

So, here’s my challenge to its author: Instead of hiding under the cloak of anonymity that Sound Off allows in order to push Trumpian fiction, how about meeting me for an in-person debate on the facts, moderated by the editors of the Eagle-Tribune?

I look forward to meeting the contributor in question.

Bob Pokress


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