To the editor:

The impulse to name-call, label and descend into foolishness is tempting. What begins as a decent letter by Ed Brooks about the need for respect of opposing views and the importance of free speech turns into a mockery of the people he disagrees with.

The very same thing he writes is wrong is what he does.

Name-calling to describe people with whom you disagree is wrong-headed and falls into the same trap as President Donald Trump. It is not normal to name-call, bully or imply a need to physically harm people with whom you disagree. In fact, in most cases, common ground can be found.

Brooks demonstrates why common ground is nearly impossible. His letter states, "our country is in danger of being controlled by do-nothing, left wing socialists … who spill their never-ending controls on our freedom by killing free enterprise and promoting liberal, progressive government mandates such as universal health insurance for all and open borders for illegal immigrants (which will be the downfall of the nation).”

This statement is so foolish that I think of it as a “fake” letter. For who would want to put his name to such a statement?

First, the House of Representatives passed this year a law to increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour. It passed a law to take away the loophole that allows sales of assault weapons at gun shows without a background check. It also voted to block the use of our military equipment being sent to the infamous regime in Saudi Arabia, who use our weapons to kill civilians in Yemen who are considered “expendable.” The Senate even supported that last law.

Open borders? This is the rallying cry for Trumpists in their never-ending desire to make America pure and white. Last time we looked, Democrats wanted to increase the number of immigration courts, increase the number of border police, give them adequate technology to

monitor illegal border crossings, and send those here illegally back. But send them back humanely not contain them in cages, separate small children from parents or place them in unsanitary conditions.

Kill free enterprise? Last time we looked, Congress wanted to establish free enterprise zones to encourage small businesses.

Brooks needs to follow his own advice. When someone writes about the need to respect different points points of view and then descends into name calling and untrue statements, then that person makes the very same mistake he is telling others not to make.

Kim Casey


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