To the editor:

Recently a 30-year employee of the town of Salem, N.H., retired from her position at the Department of Public Works with not so much as a whimper from her director, the town manager or anyone else, for that matter.

It's truly disappointing when any valued employee dedicates their life to public service, gets paid the minimum, and has to fight tooth and nail for everything they need to do their job. Then, every March, they anxiously await the Town Meeting results to see if they will get their 1.3% to barely keep up with inflation.

Maureen Sullivan did not save lives everyday and did not control millions of dollars in expenditures. But she showed up, did her job with pride, and deserves better than to drop her keys on the desk without so much as a good-bye.

I'm truly disappointed in management for this oversight.

I'd like to thank Maureen for all the hard work. This selectman truly appreciates it.

Bob Bryant


Salem, N.H.

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