To the editor:

U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, in remarks about Sept. 11 and the Council on American-Islamic Relations, states the organization was created "because some people did something and all of us were starting to lose our civil liberties."

CAIR is fine but "something" is not, because the something is an atrocity and one does not minimize an atrocity with a flip word.

Nor does one characterize U.S. support of Israel as the result of financial bribery on the part of the pro-Israel lobby, thereby invoking the slurs of centuries against the Jewish people. (They poison wells! They conspire within the banking system! They have hidden networks!) Omar surely did not mean all that, but didn't she hear in her inadvertent words the ancient echo?

A major duty of elected officials, from mayor of a small town to president, is to make their pronouncements careful and considered. Speaking of presidents, Omar lately bears a resemblance to our President Trump in her blurts without thinking.

A word to the wise.

Joan Pendleton

North Andover

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