To the editor:

I commend the editorial board for its column on the dangers of selling off the frequency band used to gather data for tracking storms at sea. However, you omit discussing the full risks and real reasons for this huge giveaway to the telecommunications industry.

In addition to your assessment, 5G technology requires the presence of microwave transmitters every few thousand feet. This requires them to be placed on utility poles throughout our neighborhoods without any prior research on potential health effects of constant exposure to such a high energy density.

It will also involve hundreds of satellites to relay the data. What risks will so many objects in orbit present to space travel?

Finally, there is the massive loss of privacy that using all of the enabled smart devices 5G is intended for will create.

Why is this being pushed through so fast?

First, the majority of the Federal Communications Commission have demonstrated a bias in favor corporate interests over those of the American people. This was demonstrated by its repeal of net neutrality in 2017.

Second, this administration is bending over backwards to deny climate change and suppress any data that supports it, in deference to the fossil fuel industry. Hindering the ability to take measurements is an excellent way to help achieve that.

Third, we can also count on Congress failing to act to protect us since too many of them are in the back pockets of industry or just clueless about technology.

The bottom line is that this headlong rush to implement such a potentially dangerous technology is ultimately driven by that fact that our government considers corporate profits to be our nation's highest value, regardless of the consequences.

In turn, this is because the Supreme Court granted constitutional rights to corporations and money, allowing then to spend unlimited amounts to lobby government officials and to influence elections.

In the end, this will not be fixed until we amend the Constitution with the "We the People Amendment" to establish that corporations are not people and money is not First Amendment free speech.

Michael Bleiweiss