To the editor:

There have been very trying times in this country — the drive for independence in the 1770s, the outbreak of the Civil War, World Wars I and II, the aftermath of John F. Kennedy’s and Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassinations, Sept. 11, 2001, and the Trump presidency.

People were hoping for so much better than the chaos that President Donald Trump brought with us. You get what you pay for, and where Trump was concerned, we set the cost pretty low. A quick summary of the Trump years shows how far we have fallen.

His first months were beset with chaos — hirings and firings of people loyal to him, some with criminal charges. Allies across the globe were insulted and abandoned. Dictators were given the welcome mat. Neo-Nazis were declared to be “good” people. White supremacists, fully loaded in bomb regalia, marched on statehouses in Michigan and Virginia threatening elected leaders. Name calling like a schoolyard bully became acceptable.

A cursory glance at Trump's history shows a man of few ethics, with suit followed by countersuit, as he used the American court system to his own benefit while also using the tax code to better himself.

American white collar criminals have used our system for protection for years. Trump turned it into a way of life.

Trump’s latest fiascos in January and February were that we had “total control” over the coronavirus, that once April arrived it would be gone, that the Democrats' response to the virus was a hoax, that the Chinese intentionally let the virus slip out. I am Trump weary.

He gives the nation anxiety, whether you enjoy his antics or are appalled by them.

Remember his assertion that we might try injecting sanitizer to prevent the virus? Then he said we could put “light” into our bodies to kill the virus.

There is no question that his “good” people in the American Nazi movement, the evangelical Christian movement and assorted others see him as a bulwark between them and a tyranny. Just tune into Fox News and watch Tucker Carlson if you want to see evidence.

Perhaps it's true: America tolerates too much. We tolerate a steady stream of lies from people. We tolerate racism and dirty cops all over the country. Trump's assertion that 99.9% of police are great is way off the mark. It's the same as saying 99.9% of nurses, teachers, bankers, DPW workers are all just fine.

If 99.9% of America was doing as well as Trump wants us to believe, America would not be in the mess it is in.

It's going to take one heck of a “lift” to repair the damage Trump did to the country.

Can you imagine another four years of him, with a Republican Senate?

Michael Veves


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