To the editor:

Dan Shibilia as Methuen's next Mayor? Here’s why I think Dan can:

I believe as mayor he can provide the progressiveness that Methuen says it is historically known for — and exceed this.

He can use the office not as a subject matter expert in resolving things, but in being able to get the right people together to moderate and collaborate — and then in making an informed decision.

He’s one who will bring action and accountability to the role. He’s one who will show up, share the credit in good times but take the blame in bad.

I am happy to see that, unlike the last mayoral election, someone will earn this job this time. I believe Dan Shibila is the one who can get it done for Methuen.

He will put the city first and move in the right path, now and in the years to come.

In a city like Methuen that touts itself being “Where history meets progress,” I believe Dan can.

I hope others join me in voicing their preliminary choice on Tuesday, Sept. 17 by voting for Dan Shibilia as Methuen’s next mayor.

Brian J. Gaspar


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