To the editor:

The hypocrisy of the Republican Party, the ignorance of its supporters and the corruption of political leaders will remain until the last vestiges of Trumpism are eradicated.

President Donald Trump's years in power have revealed a side of America that rumbles below the surface -- white supremacy, racism and Christian nationalism.

The Democrats have their sins -- sexual escapades of the Gary Harts and Bill Clintons, and the never-ending intellectual elitism of Hillary Clinton, which I confess to be a part of. It's the years of reading, graduate school, multiple degrees and multilingualism that degrades us in the eyes of Trump's supporters.

The acceptance of all religions, the welcoming of immigrants, the importance of education are all bugaboos for white, pro-Trump conservatives. Ironically, as they rail against socialism, they cannot grasp that stimulus money, Medicare, public education, food stamp programs, government mandated vaccines and -- the one they want most -- Social Security are all products of socialism.

Sarcastically, I tell them to send back their stimulus checks, stop taking Social Security, stop sending their children to colleges where they are filled with socialist professors, and stop immunizing their kids.

Hopefully, Joe Biden's relationships with Republicans can help undo some of the most heinous things done in the last few years.

But as long as so many are beholden to white nationalists, the uneducated and immigrant-haters, they will be ready to reclaim a world remade into "The Handmaid's Tale" where men are real men, women are subservient, immigrants are banished, public education is remade into Christian evangelicalism, and science is reclaimed by superstition.

Michael Veves


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