To the editor:

Dave Brown is a candidate for the North Andover School Committee. His skills, talent and experience make him uniquely qualified for the position.

We are voting for Dave Brown in North Andover’s town elections Tuesday, March 28. These are the reasons why:

• Dave has always demonstrated a very strong commitment to the community and to the children of North Andover. We’ve witnessed his work on a variety of teams, volunteer boards and committees in North Andover.

• As a parent of three children and a coach to youth sports teams, Dave has always been a leader and a positive advocate for children.

• Dave has a rare talent for building consensus. He solves problems by listening to issues and collaborating with others. He always works toward productive outcomes.

• Dave has experience as an educator of adults, and college and high school students. It gives him a valuable perspective of the complex relationship between parents, teachers and students. He understands the broad range of services that are required.

• Dave’s extensive executive management experience enables him to negotiate and work toward a productive solution with accountability.

• Dave understands the role of a supervisory board and how to build relationships between a school board and an administration.

Dave Brown’s combination of skills and experiences are unique and valuable. We’re convinced he would use them for the benefit of North Andover Public Schools.

Cliff and Tricia Bourie

North Andover

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