To the editor:

I have recently decided to leave the Democratic Party to become an independent.

I’m a huge supporter of former Vice President Joe Biden, but I’ve been frustrated with the Democrats for years. Following are a few reasons why:

The first is the Russia collusion story. The way I saw it, if Republicans ever refused to accept the election of my preferred candidate, I wanted to have a leg to stand on when arguing with them. I viewed the Democrats’ behavior in 2016 as unsportsmanlike and maudlin.

I’m further concerned about the patronizing tone of the party.

I used to believe that everyone I disagreed with was ignorant and immoral. I no longer believe this because I learned that: 1.) It’s not usually true; and 2.) It’s bad for my own mental health to think this way.

President Donald Trump did better with minority voters than any other Republican candidate since 1960. I’m not going to deny these voters the dignity of their choice.

Additionally, many Trump supporters, such as Cubans, fled communist dictatorships. Advocating for socialism and waving Che Guevara flags is wildly offensive.

Lastly, the coronavirus response has become increasingly untenable. I’ve seen parents on playgrounds screaming at their children to stop playing with unmasked toddlers.

Even if families get through this pandemic without getting sick, it will be a Pyrrhic victory if their children develop anxiety disorders.

The way we’ve been asked to live goes against human intuition and tradition, to say nothing of the economic devastation.

Rebecca Healey

North Andover

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