To the editor:

Like many I watched some of the hearings on TV over the last few days. The cohesiveness of the Republicans and the Democrats during what is supposed to be an important and solemn event was a despicable sight to see. The drama made me think of an old song from the ’50s. Its title was, "You cheated, you lied.” That's what we learned that our precious elected officials are doing.

To make matters worse, the Republicans had to insult those testifying about their loyalties and their backgrounds. Can someone explain to me why the Republican Party members are so loyal to a man who will turn on them in a heartbeat if he thinks it is to his advantage?

Impeachment is coming to the Congress. The Senate trial will find President Trump innocent unless some Republican senators can manage to come back to earth and see what is apparently reality in D.C. today.

Before the conservatives scream that this missive is written by another left-wing liberal, I must admit that I am a 73-year-old lifelong registered Republican. I have always thought of myself as a conservative. I treasure honesty and doing good above self-service. I do not see that at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Many years ago, I wrote to The Eagle-Tribune that I would move to Australia if Ted Kennedy was elected president.

I am beginning to think it may be time to pack if the fool on the hill stays there.

Ralph Prolman


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