To the editor:

President Donald Trump’s supporters fear no embarrassment. The more foolish one writes, the prouder one is. A case in point is yet another letter by Ed Brooks.

The letter states, “We the people need to stand up to self-serving politicians when they violate the national interest and remove them from office.”

I agree with him on that. Does he mean Trump?

After all, Trump used his “charity,” the Trump Foundation, for personal enrichment. Rather than face public humiliation, Trump shut down his fake charity and paid millions of dollars in fines. That’s unusual since Trump fears no public shame for his felonious conduct, because like all members of the Trump syndicate, there is no shame.

If Brooks means Trump’s decision to extort a promise from Ukraine to create a fictitious scandal about Joe Biden by withholding millions of dollars in military aid, then his letter may not be so confusing.

If Brooks means Trump’s earning millions of dollars in revenue by having the U.S. government host military personnel in Scotland, or using his Florida resort to entertain foreign dignitaries, then, again, his letter may not be so foolish.

One oath violation he may be referring to is Trump’s disregard for minority rights — a principle of our democracy.

Perhaps the writer is a survivalist — with no use for Social Security or government mandated programs like home, private or public schooling for children. Maybe he has no contact with people, thus no need for those darn socialist programs that mandate vaccines against polio or measles.

Living in the clean air of New Hampshire, he has no need to worry about regulations that force industries to use common standards for food safety, or force them not to dump waste into drinking water supplies.

Leave those socialist Democrats in charge, and see what might happen: The minimum wage may increase to $15 or even $20 per hour, measles might be eradicated, polluters might be fined, allies might not be able abandoned. Heaven forbid.

Worse yet, women and doctors will not face felony charges for abortion. Taxes will be increased for billionaires.

We will have a socialist republic. Even Social Security, a favorite program of Democrats, will be protected.

We simply cannot have any of that if I read Brooks’ letter correctly.

Michael Veves


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