To the editor:

Disney in recent years has been on a trend of recreating its most beloved films in live action. It’s something many fans have applauded but has left myself questioning the integrity of these new pieces.

Animation is in many ways timeless, and certain stories can better be portrayed through this medium — just as traditional film offers qualities that simply cannot be matched by animation.

The new “Lion King” seems to exemplify the concept that particular narratives are preferably told through cartoon.

With a story about talking animals in a semi-fantastical portrayal of Africa, animation would naturally seem the most fitting. Attempting to recreate this story with animals as realistic as possible lessens the work.

Less personified emotion can be portrayed through a photo-realistic lion than the anthropomorphized counterparts within animation. The notion of calling a film like this “live action” is in itself laughable; what is live in a piece entirely composed of computer generated imagery?

CGI films tend to age poorly, if that’s what they’re solely reliant on to mediate a plot. In 20 years, I don’t see this film holding up to the original, simply because animation doesn’t age the same way, and is more suited to portray the themes of the film.

An instance of this would be “Snow White,” made in 1938 yet still enjoyed today.

It appears that Disney is exploiting the nostalgia of its viewers for cheap cash grabs that are worse than the original, and the fact people are falling into it is baffling.

Jackson McLaughlin


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