To the editor:

I think it’s time to move Distant Dome to the Opinion page, where it belongs. Gary Rayno is shilling for the Democratic Party and only writes from their prospective.

In the Monday, Nov. 9, edition of The Eagle-Tribune, he criticized Gov. Chris Sununu’s reason for vetoing the family leave act, “he called it an income tax – which it is not unless an employee’s share of an insurance premium qualifies.”

The act required employers to deduct 0.5% of wages for each employee. During my 40-plus years of working for several companies, I never paid my share of medical or any other insurance premium based on a percentage of my income. It was always a flat amount for at least the year, and only based upon the amount of coverage I chose.

Rayno and the Democrats need to learn what constitutes an income tax. Here is a definition I found in Wikipedia: "Income tax generally is computed as the product of a tax rate times taxable income."

You can search other dictionaries and get the same result. It’s not rocket science.

The act required employers to deduct 0.5% of wages for each employee, and that fits the definition of an income tax, not an insurance premium.

So, once again, I ask that Distant Dome be moved to the Opinion page, as it is just an opinion and not news.

Don Blaszka Sr.

East Hampstead

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