To the editor:

Regarding your Aug. 18 article, "Judge throws out Trump-era approvals for Alaska oil project," aside from its sociopathic desire to mine and sell the most effective environmental toxin humanity has ever known, why are we giving ConocoPhillips a modicum of credit for being a job creator?

It fully intended to ditch that community once it had gotten what it came for.

The approvals that Judge Gleason wisely deep-sixed were an economic catastrophe in the making, even if ConocoPhillips had actually hired locals.

Remember, plenty of oil extractors prefer to truck in outsiders to work for them, and plenty of communities have suffered for it in the long-term when the new clientele of diners, renters and drinkers one day departs en masse for the next drill site.

Clean energy is labor intensive. You don’t need a degree to be a windmill technician.

And, last I heard, windmills don’t up and leave once the air is mined out.

Why go for the snake oil of Big Oil when the term “sustainable” can apply both to the environment and to jobs?

Anna Gooding-Call


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