To the editor:

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy’s outrageous embrace of far-right extremists impacts all Americans. The election deniers, conspiracy theorists, serial liars, racists, and antisemitic members of Congress he has placed in positions of prominence on its various committees will demonstrate their grandstanding abilities on social media or Fox News and accomplish nothing in the next two years.

Under their plan to diminish government, they are already threatening to dishonor interest due on existing U.S. debt, much of which directly resulted from their beloved former president’s slashing of corporate tax rates when he controlled both houses of Congress.

This alone could throw the world into a massive recession, cost millions of Americans their jobs, and lead to reduced Social Security benefits and higher premiums for Medicare.

Instead of fixing the border, immigration, the opioid crisis, or crime – issues they ran on — these folks, with McCarthy’s blessing, will focus their time and energy on Hunter Biden’s laptop and trying to impeach cabinet members in a never-ending blame game.

It might just be that the speaker has more power than the president. And yet his name has not appeared on any ballot in our state.

This man, who clearly sold his soul to get where he is, will remain a powerful influence on our country until people in other states get fed-up with him or the far right.

Molly Howe


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