To the editor:

It’s a fair question to ask: Why is a Boston-based small business owner paying attention to the race for state representative in the 2nd Essex District?

The answer: Christina Eckert.

The coronavirus crisis — both the virus itself and resulting economic calamity — struck few Massachusetts industries harder than tourism and hospitality. In the span of one week in March, my business went from the excitement of building for a bustling tour season, to the reality of indefinite lockdown.

Scrambling to keep my business alive, I learned firsthand the value of a responsive, competent local government. In the process, I realized what sort of society is possible when public servants actually care for their constituents.

Eckert cares. She’s more than a longtime resident; she’s the neighbor we’d all like to have. Repeatedly, she’s proven her commitment to the 2nd Essex community and its most critical issues.

When she lost by 324 votes in 2018, she didn’t selfishly retreat or cease lending a hand. Instead, she did what all good neighbors do — double down on serving her community.

Coronavirus has been a gut-punch to our state. Now, more than ever, we must elevate the individuals among us who want the best for all of us. We deserve leaders who care.

Ted Clark


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