To the editor:

The best leaders can never be found in the throne room. They are the first in, the hardest working on the job and the last out the door. Approachable and with a point of view that does an end-run around their ego, they are not afraid to get dirty.

This has been my definition of good leadership since I met Christina Eckert in a volunteer capacity working to advocate for, clean and maintain the Merrimack River. In our fast-developing friendship, I found strength, honesty, fortitude and fierce loyalty difficult to find so quickly.

I am disappointed I cannot vote for her as a candidate, as I do not live in her district. I do think it’s important that you know some of her qualities you may not always get to see.

Christina Eckert on a personal level is the same person you will get with your vote. She believes some things should not have a price point and remains committed to a healthy, thriving community and the environment and equal access to clean water that will support and sustain that.

Continuously educating herself on all levels of the current ecological issues with clean water, especially the Merrimack River, she is a knowledgeable candidate who would have the ability to speak dedicatedly about the subject in her fight and advocacy as a representative at the Statehouse.

Commitment to excellence in civic responsibility wherever there is a need, Eckert’s definition of community does not stop at her district or hometown lines. Quite frequently one finds her, family in tow, crossing those lines with donations and volunteer help, campaign season or not.

She does so without fanfare or the need for gratitude. She understands that a community extends outward and is constantly reaching that way. She is one of the helpers and an example of great leadership. You will know her missteps because she will be the one to tell you. Her no-frills take on things is refreshing.

Be the change. What motivates our elected officials is key. A vote for Christina Eckert is a vote for a candidate who will be the difference we need to see and a step in the right direction we desperately need to take.

Helen D. Sheehan


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