To the editor:

I enthusiastically support Christina Eckert’s candidacy for the 2nd Essex district.

The first time I met Eckert was during her campaign in 2018. I was impressed by her boundless energy, positive approach and caring attitude.

During her first campaign, she walked from house to house in all seven towns of the district, getting to know the voters and learning about their concerns.

Eckert is highly engaged and knowledgeable about many of the challenges and issues our district confronts.

Education will definitely be a priority for her. She has been actively involved in schools for years and is committed to our schools.

Over the years she has gained a lot of experience in grant writing, and as a private citizen she has brought $1.7 million in funding to the various projects in our district.

Imagine what she could do for us as our representative.

Right now we are struggling with the impact of the pandemic, climate change is threatening our coastal regions, and our seniors need help. We can and should do better.

Christina Eckert will be a tireless, passionate and effective advocate for our towns.

I hope your readers will vote for her on Nov. 3.

Inge Buerger


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