To the editor:

I appreciate Kim Casey responded to my letter. I am pleased with her description of a similar education that I had when I grew up in Lexington, being taught actual history.

Unfortunately she leaves me with concern over the content of the curricula. It is clear that much of the time in public education today, the history being taught is inaccurate and partisan. Civics is minimally taught. Textbooks don’t always present real history and emphasize political correctness.

Additionally she projects the “Trump Derangement Syndrome” that afflicts most Democrats. I assume she is in favor of the secret basement impeachment process which has just occurred.

In our Constitution every American citizen has the ability to confront their accuser and present a defense. Also, a real crime is required.

Not only did Rep. Adam Schiff use a secretive police state process, he refused to allow Republicans the ability to question witnesses or present a defense.

The president is accused of appealing the process to the Supreme Court for constitutional judgement. Given these facts, it is an illegal impeachment under our Constitution.

The fact that the Democratic Party put up an unindicted criminal in the last election and now a potential criminal as their candidate in 2020 is stunning. Ignoring law that American citizens have gone to jail for proves their disdain for America and our Constitution.

Trump has exposed the Deep State elites and is assaulted by them. There are many more who have committed crimes.

Bill Weimar

Salem, N.H.

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