To the editor:

Like many other folks out there, I keep something of a presence on social media. I run an online Facebook comedy group with 40,000 members — something that most people would say is innocuous enough, yet the broken algorithms that Facebook uses to moderate its content have continually harassed my group since its inception.

This time, they took the group down entirely.

Why Facebook is cracking down on comedy because of its incompetence in dealing with mis-informative news is beyond me. We are not racists, we are making fun of racists. We are not extremists and zealots, we are making fun of extremists and zealots.

This isn't an alt-right group, it isn't a far-left group. In no way could it even be conceived as a political group. It is a bunch of juvenile teenagers posting jokes.

The moment you try to define what jokes are acceptable and what aren’t, what subjects are OK to make fun of and what makes you a cretin, the greatest watchdog to institutions of power dies. That is the essence of comedy — to make light of the world, to find humor in the problems we face, even to offer a new perspective or reveal issues most people don’t even think about.

Facebook's actions seem reflective of a larger problem: the growing number of people incapable of being able to take a joke.

Where people confuse a quip for a slighted and malignant personal attack, the crucfiction of comedy is now heralded.

Jackson McLaughlin