To the editor:

I am a 20-year-old college student, and I have lived in Andover all my life. I have been heavily involved with the Andover Youth Services since I was 11. And I can say without a doubt that it has saved my life.

AYS works because of the people there. Every single person who has stepped inside the circle of AYS has left their mark on every other person within it.

It allows young people the critical need of play in a world where easy fun is quickly disappearing.

Every single one of my friends in high school had depression. Several considered or attempted suicide. If I hadn’t had AYS, I would have been one of them.

I would not be here to write this letter.

All of this, every word, is thanks to Bill Fahey. He made AYS into what it is today.

While his legacy will never fade because of the lives he has saved, removing him from the youth center before his time is a mistake that could prove fatal.

That is not an exaggeration. Please, consider that the rules in place are wrong. Consider who exactly Fahey is fighting for, because it’s not tax dollars, or revenue or himself. It is the youth of Andover, of America, of the world.

"Love and Kindness," forever.

Sarah Jennings


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