To the editor:

I and the Royal Crest redevelopment team would like to thank everyone in North Andover that we have met over the past few months. As you may know, we have been meeting with members of the community to hear their ideas and priorities for our proposed redevelopment of the old Royal Crest apartment property on Route 114.

While sharing our conceptual plan for a compact, walkable, interconnected and sustainable neighborhood, with a variety of housing types and mix of uses, I have had the good fortune to meet some great people.

By and large, everyone has been very welcoming, and I have been constantly reminded that North Andover is a special community.

More often than not, a great conversation came out of the meeting. Whether someone devoted a few minutes or hours to our meeting, I offer my sincere thanks to everyone for taking time out of your busy schedules to speak with us.

Community feedback is essential to our redevelopment plans, and we will continue our outreach work to gather more. Since we are relatively early in the project’s development timeline, there is still plenty of opportunity for input.

We look forward to meeting as many people in person as possible, as the days get warmer and it gets safer to do so.

Our interactive website has project information and provides residents an opportunity to share feedback:

Mike Lozano

Vice President, Development

Trinity Financial

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