To the editor:

Reading a number of letters in The Eagle-Tribune trashing the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt, I felt compelled to write in support of what this great president accomplished despite the problems that he either inherited (the Great Depression) or occurred during his years in office (the Dust Bowl and World War II).

It is ever so easy to second guess Roosevelt's numerous policies some 76 years after he last held office, many of which helped bring back this great nation from the brink of disaster that was brought about by the reckless actions of greedy individuals within the stock market, no protection for folks who entrusted their money to the banks, and over one third of all American assets held by the one-percenters.

That, coupled with poor farming practices and changing weather patterns, engulfed much of the country in dust, despair and darkness.

His programs put many to work -- 3 million men in the Civilian Conservation Corps alone -- and their projects provided clean water, electricity and many facilities that we still enjoy today.

More importantly, it restored their pride and dignity.

He tried to keep us out of WWII, knowing the frustrations of the American public, but when faced with Pearl Harbor, he reacted as a president should, quickly and with courage and calm.

I would challenge any of our recent or current crop of leaders to deal with as many problems as effectively as Roosevelt did.

Bill St. Cyr


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