To the editor:

Legislators in Massachusetts are desperately attempting to legislate away gun violence. The latest proposal will not reduce this problem.

The Beverly-based advocacy group’s assertion that these gun laws work in Massachusetts is drawn from either not reading the papers nor observing the frustration of the Boston police commissioner (this from one of the states with the strictest gun laws). If this is success, let’s see what this next proposal will accomplish.

Last week alone, many shootings occurred. It was recently reported in The Eagle-Tribune that two teenagers — not even old enough to name them — were walking around with handguns.

I can without hesitation guarantee they did not go to a local gun shop and fill out the federally mandated application.

The assertion that this form also checks for mental issues, as stated in a recent article, is a falsehood. There is no database for this. One merely checks a box, “no,” concerning mental issues.

It concerns me that police are aware of warring gangs, and it is revealed as though they were sports teams. When I grew up, we met at the Howard Playstead with baseball bats to actually play ball. Today seeing youth with bats, let alone guns, is cause to panic.

We need to find out where these guns are purchased and place those violating the sale in jail for a long time.

Joe Maggio

Newton, N.H.

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