To the editor:

President Donald Trump pardoned conservative pundit Dinesh D'Souza, who had made an illegal campaign contribution in 2016, leading to lose speculation about how Trump was "sending a message" to current witnesses against him that he had their back.

Perhaps so, but also perhaps the media is reading the wrong tea leaves intentionally. How about asking why D'Souza was singled out and prosecuted by the Obama administration in the first place? Could it have been because he made films critical of Obama and Hillary Clinton and was a constant critic of theirs?

He broke the law, there is no question. But enforcement of laws has become quite selective in Washington, D.C.

For instance, Clinton demonstrably mishandled classified material, as did Huma Abedin on her behalf. Both remain free and prosperous today.

President Bill Clinton and the Clinton Global Initiative sold access to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, illegally, and he was also caught red-handed perjuring himself before independent counsel. Like his wife, he is comfortably collecting a fat pension while trotting the globe on speaking tours.

Also living high off the taxpayer-funded pension hog — not in jail — is Lois Lerner, who famously weaponized the IRS against conservative political action committees during Obama's reelection campaign, then destroyed hard drives when investigated. (Maybe that's where Hillary Clinton picked up that trick?)

Finally, there is Eric Holder, who instead of walking a minimum security prison yard in Bethesda is up in New Hampshire audaciously preparing to run for president. After his many scandals and cover-ups for Obama - none more egregious than the Fast and Furious scandal - he must feel emboldened that he has never been tried or even charged.

As an untouchable Democratic elite, why not reach for more power? Clearly the laws don't apply to Holder or his cohorts, like they do to Dinesh D'Souza and Scooter Libby.

Nick McNulty


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