To the editor:

I just finished reading the article about legislators pushing for free prison calls. I think everyone who is a party to make inmate phone calls free should have their proverbial heads examined.

I worked as a correction officer out of state, in a prison that was likened to a modern-day Alcatraz. It was one of only two federal holding facilities in my state. We were given the hardest of criminals from all over the world. Prisoners were always allowed phone calls, but they had to make the calls collect. Whoever they were calling would be footing the bill for that call. And all inmates were given time every day for free visitations in person, with restrictions.

The politicians and advocates for the free calls should spend some time behind bars as a correction officer trainee for a week. Let them experience life in a prison environment. I guarantee they’ll be a changed person in a day let alone a week.

The prisoners who are complaining wouldn’t be doing it had they not broken the law to begin with.

If you’re going to play with fire, then be prepared to pay the piper and do your time.

Enough from you people with your double standards. Prisons are not the place to enjoy life, so don’t break the laws and stay out of them. Go to work and pay taxes.

Bob Scimone


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