To the editor:

I have a Stage 4 cancer, and I wanted to try to put funding for medical research in place while I am still above ground so the next generation has better options than I do.

I tried asking the top candidates running for office what ideas they had to help fund medical research.

I never signed up for anyone’s e-mail newsletter, but I started getting tons of them, each asking for money for their campaign. Well, I don’t plan on sending anyone any money.

There are many things that everyone should be able to work on together. Curing cancer should be one of them.

We need to find a solution for things like ALS, multiple sclerosis, sickle cell anemia and cancer. This is something that affects every family; we are all in this together.

Treatments can be absolutely brutal and often are not very effective. We all want cures, but if we don’t fund the research, they won’t exist.

Furthering our understanding of disease and the creation of effective therapies won’t happen in a vacuum. Maybe we could earmark money from a special state lottery ticket issued one month out of the year to fund the research.

At the federal level they are unfortunately too busy fighting each other to listen to us.

Larry Oliveto


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