To the editor:

I write to thank the citizens of East Kingston, Kensington and South Hampton for their tremendous support in electing me representative from Rockingham District 16 to the New Hampshire General Court.

I am humbled by their faith in me.

When campaigning throughout the district, it became very clear that they wanted someone who would actively protect the New Hampshire advantage – no sales or income tax, with reasonable regulations and fees, and managed by a balanced budget.

The New Hampshire Advantage keeps our economy vibrant and growing, and it permits steady job growth.

They also wanted someone who would protect their constitutional rights -- life, liberty and property; equal protection under the law; freedom of speech, religion and assembly; and the right to keep and bear arms to ensure their rights and safety.

Finally, they wanted free and fraud-free elections, maintenance of a clean environment and support for good, local policing.

And they strongly advocated that our schools be safely opened.

It is my objective to champion these causes in Concord. I will do my best to keep these causes in the forefront of legislative action.

Thanks to our veterans who have kept us free, and thanks to those who've supported me.

J.D. Bernardy

South Hampton

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