To the editor:

Nick Golden has my vote for Haverhill City Council. A lifelong Haverhill resident, he listens to residents and cares for Haverhill in a way that is truly enthusiastic and that drives him to make the city better. He is a person we all would want representing us.

He is determined to bring transparency to City Hall, and he has the experience as a legislative staffer in how things work in local government. I admire:

- His passion for building an education system that is for each and every student;

- His understanding that our public safety needs to be better funded to protect residents of this city, support community policing and to empower those who need it;

- His push for transparency to improve government efficiency and where our tax dollars are spent; and

- His awareness that our economic development needs to not only focus on development of our downtown and abandoned mills, but also look out for all people, whether they are senior citizens or low-income families who are pushed out by high prices.

Nick has the experience in government, knowledge of our city’s issues, and a truly beautiful passion to help bring Haverhill toward a brighter future. I’ve seen him fight on behalf of the people of Haverhill before and trust that he will never stop.

I hope voters will join me in electing Nick Golden to the Haverhill City Council on Nov. 5.

Allison Carvalho


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