To the editor:

I find absolutely astonishing the double standard of the right.

When the Senate Republicans refuse to consider bills, and President Joe Biden forces his agenda along party lines, several writers in these columns claim lack of bipartisanship. But, indeed, isn’t that exactly what Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's party is doing by not offering to cooperate?

Even worse, isn’t that what the same group did while President Donald Trump was their leader, forcing their own legislation and court appointments?

Going even further back, isn't it what they did when they refused to consider bills advanced by Democrats during President Barack Obama's administration.

The Republicans are the cause of federal dysfunction. They are the party of no.

When Trump gave a $1 trillion dollar tax cut to the rich and corporations, and the economy accelerated, the right claimed miraculous success.

These same writers give no credit to Biden for the presently accelerating economy and stock market highs.

Now that Biden has offered to create millions of jobs and a sustainable future through an infrastructure bill, the right is claiming “too much.”

It’s OK for them to create unsustainable deficits through forever wars, which do help corporate profits but destroy American lives, while destroying the fabric of the countries we invade.

But when the Democrats want to fix roads and bridges in this country, McConnell refuses to cooperate.

Washington can only be repaired by the cooperation, the give and take, of both parties.

Those biased writers should watch a new channel other than the rants of Fox News if they want the truth.

Marc Klein

North Andover

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