To the editor:

The root of a state’s well-being relies on the health of its citizens. I am immensely grateful that our leaders in Concord recognize this fact and have prioritized mental health support for all Granite Staters.

The past year has been marked by tremendous support for mental health programs in our state.

From the Jan. 23 release of New Hampshire’s 10-Year Mental Health Plan, to the signing of House Bill 400, to the most recent signing of House Bill 239, Senate Bill 80 and Senate Bill 177, and a number of other bills that are on their way to being put into law, it is clear that Gov. Chris Sununu is holding true to his promise that mental health will be a priority in his administration.

In fact, two years ago, 72 adults and 27 children struggling with mental health were left hanging without a bed in the New Hampshire Hospital. Now, that number has fallen to a waitlist of about 15 adults and even lower numbers for children.

This progress is impressive.

Those struggling with mental health will now be treated with greater humility and respect, and the state has made strides in preventing mental health issues in our children.

As an individual who has seen the toll mental health ailments can take on a community, I am optimistic to see such progress from our capitol, and I look forward to seeing the beneficial changes these new laws will bring in the future.

Dane Hoover

Salem, N.H.

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