To the editor:

Give letter writer Jeri Levasseur credit for consistency, if not accuracy, in the recent attack on my letter regarding gun control article published in these pages. As is typical with most of our Second Amendment fans, most of the points I made were taken out of context to fit the writer’s views, with little regard for what I’d written.

Liberals are not attempting to disarm our law-abiding populace; this is simply another lie that Levasseur and others use to scare their fellow gun aficionados into inaction as our nation continues to crumble right before our very eyes in a morass of violence and mass murder.

The writer contends that I don’t mention the “guns on our streets in the hands of criminals,” seemingly not understanding that the very essence of my argument was to point out the ridiculous ease with which both criminals and law-abiders can acquire these weapons.

Background checks would obviously make it more difficult for a former felon to routinely purchase firearms, but the writer seems to think “mental illness” is the primary reason for these mass-scale executions.

How about adding in the rage factor, oftentimes fueled by the racism and anti-Semitism that have exploded in our nation?

Gov. Chris Sununu was absolutely wrong about law-abiding citizens’ “constitutional rights” being restricted, as these citizens would (obviously) still be able to purchase firearms and hunting rifles legally with an ID and passing a background check.

What conservatives seem unable to grasp is that handguns aren’t the weapons that citizens with intellects are going after; it is automatic and semi-automatic killing machines like AR-15s and the like. This should be an easily understood difference between the former and the ultra-dangerous weapons that no private citizen should possess.

And don’t mention former President Barack Obama in the same breath as the current inhabitant of the White House. Obama lobbied throughout his entire eight-year term for more gun-safety laws, as well as a return to President Clinton’s tremendously successful assault weapon ban of 1994, only to be stonewalled by a GOP-led Congress in thrall with the National Rifle Association.

President Donald Trump, on the other hand, has spent three years blocking every attempt of commonsense statutes after every new tragedy, statutes that nearly 75% of Americans finally are in favor of. This renders laughable his phony quotes favoring background checks desired by 90% of Americans after the Dayton and El Paso horrors.

Our population’s mental health, childhood traumas and upbringing, as well as society’s influences on all of us, certainly have an effect on every person’s experiences and have a part in how we turn out. But it’s ridiculous to pin all of the human-created nightmares occurring every day in America with such all-encompassing “reasons.”

Automatic weapons shouldn’t be allowed to be stacked up in anyone’s cellar, whether we’re talking a mentally ill person or just another garden variety violent one.

We’re in a particularly sad state when you’re considered a “liberal” for wanting all races and religions to have the same possibilities that only some of us have, as well as actually having the desire to outlaw the most death-dealing weapons that people use to kill other people.

And, for the record, I am right-handed.

William F. Klessens

Salem, N.H.

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