To the editor:

Mass shootings in our country have always caused shock, horror, panic, anger, frustration and a unified sense to do whatever is necessary to stop the next one Fromm happening.

Who is at fault? Where can blame be accurate placed? Unfortunately everyone has someone or something to cast blame upon.

The National Rifle Association has always been a target. Most people don’t realize it has no authority or power to control any type of gun purchases or sales.

Our federal government is quick to respond to these shootings with legislation to increase background checks of those who want to purchase guns. It’s just bureaucratic red tape and cheap talk. Adding more federal laws like these do nothing to stop mass shootings.

Here is the bottom line for any type of gun control.

The beginning step toward gun control must start with each individual state’s gun control laws.

All of our wonderful federal and state politicians have no idea of how complex a problem gun control really has become.

I refer to the “Traveler’s Guide to the Firearm Laws of the 50 States.” This guide lists what kind of guns are legal in each individual state. This guidebook is available to everyone.

Only a few states have very strict laws; they total 14 states.

Thirty-six states have minimal gun control laws.

The states which have had the worst mass shootings are the states with the least amount of gun control laws.

In these states, all a person needs is to be over 18 years of age. They are now able to purchase any type of assault rifle with any style magazine.

Maybe this information will help open the eyes of every state politician. Maybe their eyes will be opened enough to seek what they are really looking for — and not miss the boat again.

William S. Ritter


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