To the editor:

Gov. Chris Sununu has vetoed a New Hampshire bill that would have prohibited guns in the schools. The Republicans in the state House have upheld his veto by voting not to override it.

The governor has, however, given great comfort to the mothers and fathers in New Hampshire. He is saying, in effect, that what has taken place in other parts of the country won’t happen in New Hampshire because ours is one of the “safest states in the nation and it has a culture of responsible gun ownership and individual freedom.”

In other words, there is no one from New Hampshire who would do such a thing — even though Adam Lanza, the shooter at Sandy Hook, was originally from New Hampshire, and the gun that killed MIT Officer Sean Collier was originally bought by a “responsible” person in New Hampshire.

Every one should breathe a sigh of relief and have peace of mind. The National Rifle Association supporter should be reassured that when he goes to see his child’s first grade teacher, he will have a gun to protect himself.

During debate, state Rep. John Burt, R- Goffstown, said, “The only way to stop a crazy person with a gun is good guy with a gun.”

Those words are also reassuring because if something did happen, parents will know that the carnage, mayhem and deaths will be kept to a minimum.

The only question I have is, How will a kindergartener know a “good guy” from a “bad guy?”

Also, there may no longer be any need for lockdown drills in school. They only instill fear in young children. It keeps them awake at night.

The mothers, fathers, grandparents and great-grandparents of New Hampshire have spoken through their elected officials, with their votes or their indifference, that guns in close proximity to their children in schools is not a problem for them.

Peanut butter, maybe. Guns, no.

Richard J. O’Shaughnessy

Salem N.H.

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