To the editor:

Most Americans crave our country’s freedoms. They’re free to have a choice different than others might desire.

But when it comes to our government, are we really free? Over most of the past eight years, it seems that our government has wanted to control, regulate and cause the marginalization of the free people of America.

We started to go downhill when Senate Democrats, such as Sen. Jeanne Shaheen and Elizabeth Warren, in power at the time, voted the way of President Obama up to 99% of the time on issues that the American people did not like or found intolerable — such as a failing Obamacare policy, extreme views on global warming, failed environmental adventures, lack of immigration policy or the foreign threat of ISIL. Reckless spending and raising the debt abounded.

These repressions and lack of attention by our elected leaders were leading signals of the attempt to water down our Constitution and Bill of Rights under Obama’s executive orders, which were backed by blind, robotic, politically correct, self-interested Democratic socialists.

We the people need to stand up to self-serving politicians when they vote to undermine the national interest, and remove them from office or denounce them as unworthy of the offices they hold. They have violated the trust placed in them and the oaths they’ve sworn.

Many of us believe, unless this destruction is reversed, this country will head to disaster, saddled with the programs of these left-wing socialist progressives and the support of the fake news media, leading to a one-party rule with no dissent by the American people.

President Trump can and will protect this country if Americans trust in truth, and work for security and freedom for all.

Ed Brooks

Salem, N.H.

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