To the editor:

As a neighbor of Haverhill for decades, my wife and I have bought cars, eaten at some fabulous restaurants, bought clothes and shopped in Haverhill. Not anymore.

The mayor, the liberal members of the City Council and their liberal policies have turned Haverhill into a mini-Lawrence. Joe Bevilacqua may be an exception (I think he actually is there to serve the people).

There are at least five gangs in Haverhill; it has become a hotbed for crime; the police blotter has been eliminated, so people do not realize how unsafe it is to live in Haverhill; and with Rep. Andy Vargas warning illegal aliens in the city when Immigration and Customs Enforcement was going to arrive, it now qualifies as a sanctuary city.

I would also like to remind Vargas that some of the people he warned were drug dealers who are killing our young people. And with a serious opiate crisis, the City Council with its liberal thinking is opening pot shops like crazy. They have sold their souls for money.

There is plenty of blame to go around, but I am going to include some of the voters who keep voting these people into office. In short, voters of Haverhill are accessories to the things that are wrong with Haverhill.

Change will come when you vote for different people who are there to serve the people of Haverhill.

You get exactly who and what you vote for.

Dick Hodges


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